Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall Photo A Day: Part 3

It's week three of my Fall Daily Photo challenge. This has been such a fun way to document Fall! Although I did get a bit mixed up this week, and missed a day of prompts, but not of pictures. However, after talking about it with Dave, I figured out a way to make the actual prompts work. Are you confused yet? Because I sure was :)

Also, I wanted to post this on Friday but I ran out of time to blog last week so you're getting it today.

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I don't wear boots, unless you count my rain boots, but I decided to take this picture of Dave's old, and new, boots/shoes/every day footwear. I have about five or six pairs of footwear in regular rotation every season. Dave has one. He wears these in the heat of summer and in the depths of winter.
To be fair, he does have a pair of winter boots for the coldest, snowiest days, and he does own a pair of sandals for really hot days but I would say those two pairs of shoes get about two weeks of the year combined use.
And now you know more than you ever wanted to know about Dave and shoes! Hahaha!!!

Fall Decor

I don't really have any fall decor, except my front door wreath, which you've already seen. However, we went to the library this day and they were handing out craft kits as a Hallowe'en treat. So Rachel quickly made this spider craft to hang in our playroom. "It's your fall decoration, Mommy!" she announced. I really do appreciate how supportive my kids are of my blogging endeavours! 

Fall #OOTD

We didn't go anywhere this day, and if fact, it was kind of a "blah" day but I did get dressed solely so Rachel could take this picture. We went shopping on Friday night because I wanted a grey cardigan for work, and I needed new jeans. And then I fell in love with this fluffy blue zip up jacket. It was a total impulse buy but I have been wearing it all the time (except at work) since I bought it. So this was my Fall outfit of the day. (Okay, true confession -- my outfit of the day was actually pajamas under my new jacket!)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that a classmate of Sam's started to sell eggs in the school parking lot this year. We get local eggs from our CSA and now we have a source for after CSA ends. Rachel and I walked to the school to pick them up this day and ran into friends of ours from the neighbourhood. I also loved catching up with them, briefly. Between work and Covid restrictions, I feel like I haven't talked to neighbourhood friends for months. (Because I haven't. sigh.) 

Fall is...

So I thought this prompt was "My town" and I was going to write about how I love living near the cemetery and how it's so beautiful this Fall. But instead I'll write about how "Fall is..." incredible to experience as I walk through (or by) the cemetery. We still haven't finished our cemetery tour from this past spring and I think we're going to try and finish it on Hallowe'en. I think that will be a fun way to mark the day.

My town


Again, I got mixed up in my prompts and was going to write about "remembering" all the spring veggies from our CSA but instead I'll write about how I love that "my town" includes CSAs (community shared agriculture) and how I love filling our fridge with seasonal, local veggies!


I don't know if you remember what our yard looked like in the spring with everything all green and lush (picture on the left). Well, it's pretty incredible in the fall too (picture on the right). Our tree is putting on a show this year and I LOVE it! I took this picture to remember the amazingness of our yard when it's buried under snow in a few months.


  1. I love farm fresh eggs! And the leaves are so pretty there!

  2. Your new jacket looks super comfy!! Love the red leaves, the colors are perfect here, too!

  3. The kids with their fall decorations... that just made me smile. So creative too!

  4. Outfit of the took me a minute but I finally got it. :) cute jacket!

  5. That tree!!! And those colors in the cemetery. My Mom lives in KY and there is a cemetery there that has absolutely stunning fall foliage. We are hosting a fall photo challenge, too. Starts on 11.01. Come join us.

    1. I am so in with your fall photo challenge. I love that it's focusing on gratitude.

  6. The foliage is stunning- lucky girl!

    1. It has been really amazing this year and I LOVE it!

  7. We love farm fresh eggs too! Though they start getting harder to find locally as the cold weather comes.

    1. Yeah, I don't know how long our egg person will keep selling them. She doesn't know either because it's her first year doing it. I'm hoping she can make it work all winter because I am loving the fresh eggs.


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