Friday, October 16, 2020

Fall Photo A Day: Part 2

Here is the second week of my Fall photo a day challenge. Unlike last week, all of these pictures were actually taken on the correct day!

image from here

On the Road

I took this picture as Dave was driving me home from getting my second Covid test within a week. That's the only place I've been going lately. Hello 2020 :( (In case you didn't see the news earlier this week, this test did come back negative.)

Lazy Day

Earlier last week, when I knew I had to stay home until my Covid test came back, I tried to sign up for the Hallmark Channel. Sadly, you can't subscribe to it if you don't live in the States :( However, our friends have kindly lent us their TV login and I discovered that we can stream Hallmark-type movies (or sometimes actual Hallmark Movies) on The W Network, a Canadian channel. Whooo hooo!!! So this day was a lazy day of watching two Hallmark Movies with Rachel, and sometimes Dave and Sam too.


It was Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and many people have their dinners on Sunday rather than on Thanksgiving Monday. Since I'm vegetarian, we didn't make a turkey but we had roasted beets and squash, a special baked potato with cheese my dad introduced us to, and fried shrimp. We enjoyed dinner over Zoom with a good friend of ours who is like family.

In our province, we were encouraged to not have Thanksgiving with people outside of our immediate households which made for a very quiet Thanksgiving weekend.


I didn't intentionally drink out of my "Eight O'Clock" cafe mug but it was a perfect mug for this day's prompt. I got this mug when I went to the popup Central Perk Cafe in New York City almost exactly six years ago. The popup cafe was hosted by the Eight O'Clock Cafe which is how these two things connect! Below is me sitting on a couch you just might be familiar with :)


Every Tuesday between about mid-June and mid-October we go and pick up fresh vegetables from our CSA (community shared agriculture). We have been doing this for nine years now. Sam's favourite Tuesday of the year is when we get to help crack garlic bulbs, and separate them out for planting for the next year. We didn't know if we'd get to help this year (because of Covid), so Sam was thrilled that this past Tuesday was garlic cracking day!!!

And since this appears to be a "throwback" post as well as a "photo challenge" post, here is a picture of Sam on his first garlic cracking Tuesday back in 2013. He was so little!!!


I have been loving our zinnias this year. They are putting on quite the show. These aren't even the most amazing ones but they are the "orange" ones.


My manager brought a huge smile to my face yesterday by treating our team to coffee. It totally made my afternoon on a very grey day! And yes, mine was a coffee-hot chocolate :)


  1. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds delicious! So crazy you can't get the Hallmark channel, how rude!

  2. I love the stories told with these pictures. I would have loved to visit the Friends cafe! So cool! I'm glad your test was negative in the end. Lovely fall colors!

  3. Shrimp for Thanksgiving, I like that idea! Isn't that the nicest, when someone brings you a hot drink? It's my favourite thing.

  4. That's a bummer about the Hallmark channel!!! You'd think they'd make sure everyone could access it

  5. I remember when you went to that Central Perk pop up!! HOW FUN!!!! I'm drinking out of my Central Perk mug right this very minute!

  6. So glad your test was negative! I love these photos complete with throwbacks. That Central Perk pop up sounds so fun! I have always been such a huge fan of that show.

  7. So jealous of your thanksgiving meal. As a non-meat-lover myself, I would be THRILLED to trade in our family turkey for fried shrimp. That said, I do love my dad's turkey gravy (on mashed potatoes and stuffing) so maybe turkey AND fried shrimp.

  8. I love photo challenges! I enjoyed reading your stories with the pics!

  9. I have come to love Zinnias! The only ones of mine that are doing well are some type of purple variety. Dinner over zoom. What a great idea! Never would have imagined life could ever be like this. I enjoy seeing people make the best of it.


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