Friday, March 27, 2020

10 Things About Spring

I have a new survey for all of my survey loving people out there. (And I may have a few more coming up for you :) Yay!) This one comes from Dara at Not In Jersey.

1. How did you celebrate spring break / Easter as a child?
Our Spring Break was always the week after Easter. We usually just had to work at my dad's tree farm. I spent many a break rooting cuttings -- sticking little plants in rooting mixture and then in small pots of dirt. I think we got paid (maybe $20 a day?) and Dad would let me buy a Coke on the breaks. I mostly remember being cold and dirty, especially my fingers.

2. Do you spring clean?
Do I, no. Should I, yes. Especially these days.
Image result for reading versus cleaning memes
My dad sent me this meme. 
I think our house doesn't live up to his standards! 

3. What’s spring weather like where you live?
It's a little schizophrenic. One day it's gorgeous and I'm going outside in a t-shirt. The next day I'm wearing two sweaters and wondering if I should pull my heavy winter coat out again. Usually we have a slow climb to the warmth. And there is a lot of rain.

4. How green is your thumb?
Fairly. I can't wait until I can get out in the yard again but I probably have another few weeks to wait until I can clean the beds up. sigh.
Doing yard work makes me happy and I could use a little happy right now.
However, nature doesn't agree that it's time for yard work yet. 

5. AC on or windows open?
Windows open every chance I get.

6. How do you decorate for spring / Easter / Passover?
I don't really. I put my Spring wreath up a few days ago but other than that, I really don't do much.

7. How do you get bathing suit / shorts / warm weather ready?
By pulling out my shorts, washing the winter outerwear, and packing away my sweaters.

8. Is your closet arranged with just the current season’s clothes?
Yes, pretty much. I do pack away my capris and shorts and tank tops and switch them out for sweaters and long sleeve shirts. And I will move my skirts to the front of the closet.

9. What’s your go to spring uniform?
A t-shirt and jeans! And shoes without socks!

Of course now that I'm working and need to look professional, it will probably be nice pants/capris and a nice top. (I wrote part of this before the whole Coronavirus lockdown hit so who knows if I'll be able to enjoy my spring work wardrobe. I might just end up wearing yoga pants and t-shirts this spring. Yay?)

10. What outdoor activities do you enjoy in the spring?
Reading outside, going for long walks, hopefully more bike riding this year, and working in the yard. Honestly, I just like being outside as much as possible.
The kids have really been enjoying biking this week
so I see a lot more of this in our future. 

If you do your own post with this Spring survey, please let me know. I love reading these as much I as like writing them!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Hope your spring goes as well as it can.

  2. Yay for more surveys! I’m going to have a backlog on surveys to complete. :) I agree our spring is usually schizophrenic but this year it feels like we are plowing forward to warmth pretty quickly (thanks global warming???). I think it’s interesting you worked on a tree farm as a child and I chuckle that you got to buy a coke on break - you started young!

  3. I love windows open...I just hate my allergies cant handle it :(

  4. You know I'll be doing this! It is always fun for me to compare Canada to Texas ha.


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