Friday, August 30, 2019

Wandering Around Whitehorse

We spent our last day in the Yukon hanging out in Whitehorse with our friends' sons, J and B, while our friends worked. We explored downtown Whitehorse and did some souvenir shopping.
I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but the Yukon had a travel contest going on this summer. You got a passport and visited certain sites and you could get stamps. At the end you could enter to win gold. Our friends had picked up passports for us and we got a total of fourteen stamps. One of the sites to visit was the SS Klondike. This was a sternwheeler that transported people from Whitehorse to Dawson City during the gold rush.
The kids really got into playing quoits -- a game where you toss a ring onto the opposite pole. They probably could have played this for hours.
The ship really wasn't all that big. Considering the last ship I'd been on was for our Disney Cruise (!), I was glad I wasn't spending any length of time on this one :)
Can you imagine trying to cook for a crowd in this kitchen? This boat carried 75 passengers, 25 crew, and the trip upstream took four to five days. Yikes.
I never got tired of seeing these two kids hanging out together. How long until they move back again?!?! We miss them.
Even in the city our wildlife sightings didn't end. We saw this fox as we walked along the river to get to downtown.
On the left is a log cabin "skyscraper." Ha! And the right just gives you an idea of a street in downtown. I loved all the wooden front buildings.
Funny story about these shirts: So they are a local company and the logo is the shape of the Yukon and then it's reversed. Our friend, A, had a sweatshirt from them and Dave and I were like, "We want t-shirts like that." We went to the store in Whitehorse and asked if they had them in kids' sizes too because #matchingfamilygoals.

The owner said she'd tried to sell the kids' ones but there wasn't a market for them. However, she had a supply at home and if we could come back in an hour, she'd run home and get them and give them to the kids for free. So that's what we did. We did offer to pay for them but the owner said she didn't feel right about that.

So I call the picture above "future band album cover" because it's just so awesome. And yes, J and B didn't actually want to wear their shirts so they're holding them up with their chins! :)
As we were walking back to the car, there was an outdoor gym and the kids spent ages here. We would have stayed longer but we had to get home to do laundry and pack. Boo :(
The kids watched videos, played iPad, and hung out while Dave and I packed. Rachel showered and then B brushed her hair. It was so sweet.
And that was the end of our time hanging out with our friends :( When can we go back???

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  1. My favorite here is the log cabin "skyscraper"! That cracked me up so much!


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