Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Budding Flower Photographer

The other day Sam and Dave were at T-ball and Rachel and I had the evening together. We went for a walk and then Rachel wanted to help me water my flowers before we went inside. I had the camera out, as usual, and then Rachel grabbed it and started taking some pictures. "I like all the beautiful flowers, Mommy," she said.
Those of you have been reading here for any time at all already know that I love flowers and I love taking pictures of them. Miss Rachel is definitely following in my footsteps. And here are some of her pictures.
The Sweet William and tulips growing around our trees.
Peony closeup
This is a planter of snapdragons and lobelia. The snapdragons have yet to bloom.
Bleeding heart and pulmonaria
Just the pulmonaria.

Rachel has a bit to learn, and it probably would have helped if the camera wasn't set on "landscape" mode, but I love seeing her perspective as captured by her.

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  1. This is so cool. Just goes to show...they really do watch us... :)


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