Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Hope You Dance

I never thought I'd be a "dance mom." Tutus and plies and first position are (pretty much) outside my realm of knowledge, even though I've taken two adult beginner ballet courses. (The fact that I've taken two beginner courses ought to explain something!)
But Rachel has a lot of energy and dance seemed like something to check out, so we did.
And Rachel loves it. She loves leading other people through her dance warmups. She loves wearing her dance outfit.
She spent a couple of no school days at dance this year and all of March Break at dance camp. And she's going back for a week this summer. She just loves everything about dance.

Last week Rachel had her final session ever of preschool dance. In the fall she'll be signed up for the first level of ballet and next spring she will participate in her studio's dance recital. I'm so excited to see how she continues to grow as a dancer.
And I'm learning to embrace being a "dance mom!" After all, it appears that I have a "dance daughter."


  1. Awesome! We've been debating it for the girls as well. So fun. :D

  2. I'm glad she liked it so much! I can't wait until I can put Avery in!!

  3. She's way too cute! I never thought that I would be a dance mom either. My girls just love it though. We just made it through recital. I'll post on it soon...I hope. lol.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity! :)

  5. So cute! I think I took a year of Dance growing up, but was never really a dancer. I can't really imagine myself being a dance mom either, but I guess you never really know!


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