Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Past Few Weekends (All Rolled Into One!)

So I've missed telling you about our past few weekends, and although they held some birthday celebrating and Mother's Day, they actually weren't all that eventful, as you soon shall see. Ha!

The last weekend in April (so about two weeks ago now), we went out to celebrate my and Tim's birthdays. We went to The Lone Star Grill and had an excellent time.
That Saturday was a full day as I worked on my sermon for the next day (more on that in an upcoming post), and we went to a family concert in the afternoon. On Sunday I preached, we had lunch with Dave's parents, and then we had care group and T-ball in the evening.

The following Saturday we went to a Blue Jays game with Tim, Janice, Willem, and Tessa to finish off the celebrating of Sam's birthday. This was one thing Sam really wanted to do and it took awhile to get our schedules figured out.
Sam's donation this year was to the Jays Care Foundation and he was pleased to hand it over to the executive director and an assistant.
He was also thrilled that we got a birthday greeting for him on the Jumbotron.
Rachel was excited about her face painting. Ha!
We really didn't do much for Mother's Day. I wanted to finish a city tour we had started last fall and get drinks at Starbucks but it was kind of cold out so we cleaned the house instead. Once the weather is nicer we will celebrate Mother's Day with some fun! Ha! I didn't even get pictures with the kids that day.

This past weekend I spent the first part of it recovering Rachel's rocking chair. I was really pleased with how it turned out.
Then I got hit with a combination of exhaustion and feeling slightly under the weather. I had two naps and read two books. We didn't have much planned for this weekend but it was still annoying to feel not great.
This coming weekend we are having a belated birthday party for me and hoping to get some yard work done. And maybe enjoy some belated Mother's Day celebrations so hopefully I'll have something more exciting to report next week. Maybe...


  1. Rachel's face painting is on point!

  2. The Jumbotraun birthday announcement....How cool is that??? I can only imagine that Sam loved it. You did a great job on the chair. I love the fabric you selected. Rachel looks way too cute with her face painted. =)


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