Friday, February 19, 2016

Staycation Part Two

On Sunday our staycation continued. One of the awesome things about the weekend was we never rushed out the door so we were able to spend most of each morning hanging out in our pajamas. Sam and Rachel played a lot of games with Dave (which was on the list) and we watched some of the Blue Jays playoff games from October on YouTube (which was not on the list!). I also enjoyed copious mugs of coffee-hot chocolate with real whipped cream. Yum!
6. "Make a Family Day cake, post a picture of it on Instagram, and then eat it!" (Rachel) And yes, that is an exact quote, although I didn't actually post a picture of it on Instagram, which bugs Dave :)
Also not on the list was going to the mall but a shoe store I like was having an amazing sale so I wanted to get a pair of shoes. I ended up with three pairs of new spring flats for only $42 total. Since we were going to the mall anyways, we paid for the kids to actually ride on the rides, as opposed to just playing on them. They LOVED that!
7. Go mini golfing. (Sam)
Also not on our list was going to Dollarama but, since we were in vacation mode, we let the kids each pick out one thing to buy. Putting sparkles on her fairies kept Rachel (and Dave!) entertained for a good long while.
8. Go swimming (either Dave or me, I can't remember). We did go and had a really fun time but I don't have any photographic evidence.

9. Mommy and Rachel's whipped cream surprise! (Rachel and me, in case you hadn't figured that out!) Our "whipped cream surprise" was eating chocolate chip cookies with whipped cream on top.
And then it was time for bed. Sam and Rachel had a closet sleepover (which accomplished a tenth thing on our list) and I stayed up way too late reading a book which I will tell you about next week.

Happy Friday everyone! And more importantly, HAPPY WEEKEND! Whoo hoo!!!


  1. Looks like you all had so much fun!!! I love this idea.

  2. Pajama days are my favorite days! (And shhh...don't tell my kids that the rides do anything other than sit there! Ha!)

  3. I love your staycation. You know my boys would have picked very similar activities, i.e, Brody would have wanted to bake a cake and Evan would have picked playing mini-golf (putt-putt). Haha! Going to the mall and buying shoes on sale would have made my list. ;-)


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