Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Our Mini Staycation And Other Weekend Shenanigans

This past Friday both kids had the day off school. Dave and I decided to take vacation days and spend the day with them.
Sam enjoyed having a quiet morning of iPad. Then we walked to our friends' house and traded kids. Sam had a play date with their older son and their middle son joined us. After we had each gotten our kids back, we took our kids to Games On Tap, a board games cafe.
Rachel and I played Blokus, or a version of it...
...while Dave and Sam played Risk. Then we discovered a new game, Chicken Cha Cha Cha. It was really fun to play and we want to see if we can buy it.
We continued the holiday feeling by ordering a candy bowl for the kids to share.
Then Rachel and I played Trouble while Dave taught Sam a game from his childhood, Fireball Island.
After we left Games On Tap, we went to Chapters and the kids played on the train table while Dave and I looked for books.
When I was a kid, my grandparents had huge closets and lots of grandchildren. I have fond memories of closet sleepovers with my cousins. So I asked Sam and Rachel if they wanted to sleep in our closet on Friday night. Dave was a little skeptical but the kids fell asleep within fifteen minutes and slept through the entire night.

The next morning after breakfast they went upstairs and were suspiciously quiet. Dave and I went upstairs and found the scene above. Yep, when our kids are quiet, they're reading in their closet beds.
We went grocery shopping and found the most Canadian chips ever. The retro Doritos went back on the shelf but the poutine chips are residing in our cupboards. (Sidenote: I hate poutine (don't tell or they'll revoke my Canadian citizenship) but Dave says the chips are "ahhhh... about what you'd expect. As far as novelty chip flavours go they work pretty well, because they're based on something that's already potato-y. If I'm in the mood for a novelty chip option, I wouldn't avoid them." Take that ringing endorsement as you will!)
I had the brilliant idea to order Vincenzo's sandwiches for lunch. The only problem with these is that I can't eat them every day. They are DELICIOUS!!!
Dave and I went to his work holiday party in the evening. Above, we are "dressed to impress!" Yes, I'm wearing heels. Yes, by the end of the evening I was walking across the parking lot wearing just my nylons. Fortunately, it wasn't that cold out.
And Dave and I went wild and got tattoos. I loved my sparkly stars.
And I talked Dave into getting a gold dragon. As he put it, "It was a decision made in a drunken stupor." Considering he'd only had half a beer at that point, I don't believe him :)

The next morning, Rachel commented, "Daddy! You have gold sparkles in your ruffles!" (Ruffles=scruff which also equals the cutest thing ever!)

So that was our weekend -- lots of game playing, yummy food, and sparkly ruffles.

How was your weekend?


  1. Hahaha wow, those are some fancy tattoos!! What a fun weekend! And I love that kids love to do weird stuff like sleep in closets. :) I remember when I was little, we thought the COOLEST THING EVER was to play and make pallets in the (NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED) attic...like...HUH?!?!

  2. Y'all look fancy! So pretty!

    I long for the days when my girls will read quietly in the closet. laughing/crying at how loud they are right this minute.

  3. Dave knows how to play Fireball Island?? Can I borrow him? haha. Every time I go there I always eye it, but never actually play it because I'm not patient enough! :)

    1. You can totally borrow Dave to play it, as long as Sam can play too. We should totally plan to meet there sometime!

  4. I love the idea of spending the night in the closet. So cute! :)

  5. You looked so gorgeous for the holiday party. Dave looked really nice too. =)


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