Thursday, February 04, 2016

February Goals

Here are my goals for February:

1) Go to a Siskins' game. This is a holdover goal from January.

2) Enjoy a stay-cation for the Family Day Weekend. Dave and I already have great plans for this and I'm so excited! We asked the kids what they wanted to do and Sam said, "bowling and mini golfing." Rachel said, "Make a Family Day cake, put a picture of it on Instagram, and then eat it." Hahahahaha!!!

3) Order an address stamp for us. After doing all our Christmas cards in January, I am completely convinced that this is a necessity :)

4) Make regular trips to the library with the kids and institute nightly reading times again. In the fall I started reading about three stories a night with the kids and we all really enjoyed it. I need to make time for that again.
5) Get out tobogganing as a family. We get to experience real winter; we should be taking advantage of this.
I don't think Rachel pulling Sam on the sled 
counts as "tobogganning with the family!" Ha!

6) Clean up the laundry area of the basement. It's just a wee bit of a disaster.
7) Start making definitive plans for our summer road trip. We've decided we're going to do one, now we need to start connecting with people to see if it will actually work to visit them. I'll tell you more about our trip once we've got some more details pinned down but it's going to be epic I tell you! Like "four provinces, seven states, 7,000km (4,500 miles)" epic :)

8) Enjoy some quality time in my new chair, wrapped up in my blanket, reading some great books. And then tell you about them. Almost all of my book recommendations lately come from reading your blogs or connecting with other readers on Instagram. I want to start paying back my debt to the reading community by throwing out some suggestions of my own.
9) Take advantage of the extra day of the year by cooking a new recipe. I tried to make one new recipe a month last year and I miss making the time to find new ideas.

10) Redeem the coupon I received from my in-laws for Channukah and get a pedicure. The one I gave myself at Christmas is getting a little worn.

So that's what I'm hoping will happen in February. We'll see how it goes...


  1. Nice! I've been trying to be sure to read to the girls every night as well. Now to make sure they brush their teeth every night. :P

  2. I love this list! I went tobogganing as a lot as a kid and I miss that the Philly area doesn't have steep enough hills (or, for that matter, consistent snow) to do it here. Sigh.


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