Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 21: Someone Who Inspires Me

I'm a few weeks behind on the writing challenge and I have to admit, it was this post from a couple of weeks ago which tripped me up. It is a little depressing to say that I couldn't think of anyone to write about.

Did I pick my mom who went back to school when I was ten, continued to parent four children, and got top marks while earning a PhD in Psychology?
Did I pick my grandma who lived to be 104 years (and seven months), was dedicated to her church and her family, and had such a zest for life, she fell in love again at age 103?
Did I pick my friend Karen who challenges me with great conversations about church and parenting and isn't afraid to share the tough stuff of life?

Did I pick Janice who has taught me about how to seek out fun things to do with my family, as well as all about enjoying a good cup of tea?
Did I pick my blog friend Bekah who challenges me to be the best wife I can be by modeling how she loves her husband, Ryan?

Did I pick my blog friend Sherry who has taught me how to be joyful in parenting while mourning the loss of her stillborn daughter Mattie a few years ago?
And there are so many other people I could name who inspire me in different ways so I ended up not writing this post because I couldn't figure out who inspired me the most.


  1. Okay first of all - YOUR GRANDMA!!! In love at 103? She just inspired ME! That is spectacular.

    Secondly - your whole list is just great. How wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who feed into you!

    And I'm so glad that the bloggy world has connected us and that you see something good in this crazy life Ryan and I share. You inspire me right back. :)

  2. wow, 104 years old. My great-grandma died on her 101st birthday. The secret to a long life is definitely staying active and a zest for life; that's one thing I see in common!

  3. Love this post and hearing about these amazing ladies!

  4. Ugh, you put me in with your amazing mom and grandma? What? Haha! But really, I am glad I inspire you just a little in this crazy journey called life. And I am super glad we know each other. Will you please share the story in the future of your Grandma's romance story at 103? How awesome is that!!!


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