Monday, November 09, 2015

I've Got The Morning To Myself

In case you haven't noticed, I seem to have a hard time writing posts for Monday mornings. I'm not sure why this is. Today, to make things easier, I decided to write about just a small part of my weekend. Tomorrow will be the oh-so-exciting recap of the rest of the weekend.

So pretty much every Saturday morning Dave takes the kids out. Sam has Hebrew and Religious School at the synagogue. We signed Rachel up for a music class and, every other week, she has Tot Shabbat. I get about four glorious hours to do whatever I want and Dave has made it clear that he has no expectations as to how I will use my time. All that said, here is what I did this past Saturday for a few hours:
I went for a run. I hate taking selfies but I wanted to capture my awesome post-run hair and the bead of sweat dripping down by my eye. You're welcome. After this I showered (Not pictured. Ha!)
I did all the dishes from the night before, including the kids' lunch dishes.
 I cleaned the playroom and the dining room.
I drank two cups of coffee-hot chocolate and read blogs. Because I was commenting left, right, and centre, you may have figured this one out :)
While I blogged I also got rid of my Blue Jays (red and blue) pedicure and did a Saskatchewan Roughriders one. My toes aren't always so sports-focused, but they almost always sparkle!
I picked out Sam and Rachel's clothes for the week.
And just as Dave and the kids came home I was going through flyers, menu planning, lunch menu planning, and making a grocery list (both the regular grocery store and Costco).

And that was my exciting Saturday morning of alone time. Honestly, even if I don't always spend it in the most exciting way I LOVE having time, at home, by myself every week. It is such a gift.


  1. I love it when I get time to myself at our house. Being able to get things done kid-free is amazing! Great idea of picking out clothes for the week by the way. It saves so much time.

  2. It's amazing how much we can get done when there aren't little people running around who constantly need us!

  3. I know how much I love alone time at home and I don't have a husband or kids! I'm glad you get some alone time every week to keep you sane!

  4. Agreed on that alone time! And you are a ROCKSTAR!

  5. Oh, time at home alone to just relax or get stuff done...sounds heavenly! Please ask Dave to give Eddie a call and give him some tips. ;-)


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