Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I decided it's time for a "currently" post so here you go:

Currently, I am...

Listening... to nothing, but tonight Dave and I are going to this concert:
Barenaked Ladies - Silverball.jpeg 
image from here
Eating... a lot of Bartlett pears, pineapples, and pomegranates. Yum!
Drinking... I made a citrus syrup last week and I put all the rinds in my water pitcher and filled it. Yum! Citrus water for the win. It's delicious. It's probably time to make a fresh batch but I've just been adding water all week.
You can see the clear pitcher with the rinds in it on the right.
Wearing... my scarf which Sherry crocheted for me. I love it and it's been the perfect weather to throw it on under my jacket. And then sometimes, I just keep it on all day.
Please ignore that this is pretty much the worst picture of me EVER. I've been slightly sick for two days, and I had just finished off another hour and a half of work at 11 at night. Just admire the pretty scarf and then move along!

Feeling... tired and a little exhausted by parenting a four-year-old who has been having some major listening issues lately. Dave and I are feeling a little at the end of our rope with her these days.
It's because she has no personality at all!
Weather... We've had a pretty mild November thus far but there's been a lot of rain. However, I'm enjoying being able to soak up a little more warmth and sunshine because, before too long, winter will hit in all its cold glory. And of course, I'm taking advantage of hanging out all the loads of laundry I possibly can :)

Wanting... a day off with no demands from either work or the house. I'm really looking forward to Christmas with a four day break from work. It's only 38 days away. Yeeks.

Needing... more sleep. I've been perpetually tired since August and I'm kind of tired of it. Ha!

Thinking... that making Sam stop reading his chapter books to read us his (much shorter, more ridiculous) home reading books is insane and annoying.
On the left: Sam's "fun reading" -- a 73 page, fictional book of Canadian history.
On the right: Sam's "home reading" -- a 14 page, picture book about tropical rainforests
Enjoying... my work at home days. I love how much I get done when I'm not interrupted by people in the office. (Even though I only have six other co-workers and most them are part-time, it's still so nice to work at home.)

And that is life currently.


  1. I love your currently! Even though it may not look perfect, I love the authenticity!! :)

  2. Jealous that you're going to see the BNL!!!

    I also said earlier this week that I really wanted a day off to just do NOTHING. Becareful what you wish for... the next day I was diagnosed with shingles! haha. Got my day off (well DAYS off), but at a price. Can't have it all, apparently. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I had a nighmare last night that I had to go back to work.... :(

  4. I hope your enjoyed the concert! I have been a BNL fan since high school. :-) And yum, citrus water! Oh and I am so glad you are getting to use your scarf too. I do hope it helps keep you nice and warm this winter. I still really love those colors and think they are perfect for you. And don't I know how exhausting these four year old's with personality can be. Brody has many listening issues too...actually Evan and Eddie do too so it must be genetic over here. Haha! I think Evan's and Sam's similarities never end. They both enjoy reading non-fiction or historical books that teach them interesting facts.


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