Thursday, September 18, 2014

Preschool Guru

Even though Rachel went to the preschool a lot last week, so much in fact, that her teacher called her "the preschool guru," I wanted to document her first day of official classes.
She was so excited to wear her "backa-packa" (as she calls it!) and find her cubby.
In fact, she couldn't even wait for me to stop taking pictures before she was off!


  1. I love the backa-packa. I may have to start calling it that. GO RACHEL!!!!!

    1. Dave and I have been referring to our backa-packas for about a year now. I hope she never learns the proper terminology :)

  2. What a little cutie pie! I'm glad that she had a great first day. =)

  3. See why I kind of hate that our preschool supplies them with all matching bags to carry to school? They look so cute in their own little backpacks. Sigh. I just love Rachel's adorable little pigtails these days. She just looks so grown up since last year. I mean, look at that picture on your sidebar compared to these...just blows my mind! :-)


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