Friday, July 11, 2014

No Pressure Though

Yesterday one of the bloggers I read commented in her blog post that she hoped reading her blog was "the low point of your day" and that our day got better from there. (Erika at Something Beautiful) Well usually reading your blogs, while enjoyable, is not the highlight of my day but yesterday, oh yesterday...

Here's how yesterday went.

After staying up too late the night before, Sam had a twenty minute, top of his lungs, screaming fit because...

(Are you ready for it???)

... Dave had to go to work. The horror.

I found a hair at the bottom of my coffee-hot chocolate. It was mine but still, it was gross.

I pinched Sam's chin in his bike helmet. Parent Of The Year Award, right here.

I got to swimming lessons and discovered that my coleslaw container was not spillproof and there was a vinegar smell to our entire lunch.

Rachel decided that her life jacket was a torture device during her swimming lesson and screamed her head off for five minutes.

During craft time Rachel got red paint all over my beige shorts. 

Rachel wiped out running on the pool deck (There's a reason you shouldn't run) and scraped both her knees. And they both bled.

My kickstand failed while I was getting the kids into the bike trailer, my bike fell, and it scraped both my legs. Awesome.

I cleaned out our fridge and found more containers of gross food than should ever exist anywhere, ever.

It rained on my drying laundry. (No, the weather forecast was not calling for rain.) Then a bird pooped on the basket of clean clothes I had already folded and left outside while I finished weeding.

I killed seven ants in our bathroom.

I dropped my razor in the shower and cut my leg.

So yes, sometimes I count on your blog posts to remind me that somewhere in the world people are enjoying life and not dealing with rotting food, tortuous life jackets, and indoor ants. Thanks for giving me hope!


  1. Ack!!! That day sounds terrible!! I hope your whole scraped-knee family has better experiences today!!

  2. Wish you could have seen me cringing as I read....I hurt FOR you!!! Wowsa! What a bad day! Hoping today is MUCH better.

    1. Friday was a much better day. And Thursday wasn't awful, it was just a bunch of little combined which didn't make the day all that great.

  3. Okay, that was a terrible day although kind of funny the way you tell it. Haha! Sorry for laughing. Just remember, as bad as that day was, those are all things that you will just laugh about tomorrow. Definitely worse things that can happen in life!


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