Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Canada Day: In Pictures

It's weird to have a holiday in the middle of the week. Many people took Monday off of work and had a four day weekend, but since we'd rather save Dave's vacations days for other things, he didn't. And many of our summer activities continued as normal yesterday so the whole day was just a little... odd. However, we did enjoy our day together.
Rachel was thrilled that she got to do her swimming lessons with Daddy. Surprisingly, she did much better, though, the day before when I wasn't feeling well and asked a teenage friend of ours to accompany Rachel. Rachel loved that day!
Enjoying a snack after swimming
Then Sam and Rachel did the handprint Canada flag craft above before Sam had his tennis lesson, also known as the funniest half hour of my day. Seriously, if you ever need some amusement, please come watch Sam "play tennis" with me. It is the best! Yesterday, they actually got to practice hitting the ball. Please excuse the "taken through the chain link fence" pictures.
Then we came home, had lunch, did laundry, started some much needed yardwork (so needed, in fact, that I am embarrassed to show you "before" pictures and didn't take any), and then we went to pick up our CSA. We had quite the CSA train going since we were picking up our friends' share as well. Sam rode the tricycle, I pulled the empty wagon, and Dave pushed Rachel in the chariot.
Then it was home for supper. We had BBQd hotdogs and CSA veggies.
Supper was a nightmare of disastrous proportions. First I completely choked on that beautiful garlic scape I'm holding, and in an effort to leave the table quickly, I knocked over my Coke. Then after that lovely incident, a bird pooped on Sam's arm and he was gagging because he was so grossed out. In an attempt to have him throw up away from the table, I snatched him up and knocked over the bench he was sitting on, which landed on my big toe. Owwww!

After that we decided dinner was over.

Sam ended up not throwing up, my toe eventually stopped throbbing, and in talking to my parents, Sam became convinced that having a bird poop on you was not only normal, but considered lucky and his attitude changed completely. Thanks Mom and Dad!
We ended our day with baths and showers for everyone. Then we enjoyed some Canada Day dessert, except for Rachel who declared hers "Yucky!" and then we headed out to watch fireworks. We went to a hill near the pool. It was a great place to see them because it wasn't crowded, wasn't too close, and we had an excellent view. Rachel fell asleep before the show started, and Sam was completely enthralled.

Today is going to be an awesome day because Dave is back at work and both kids were up until past 11 last night. However our library summer reading program starts today and I do have Sam's tennis lesson to look forward to!

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  1. I sort of became an "expert" at the taking pictures through the fence shots during baseball season. Just put your lens right against the fence in one of the holes, and you will barely notice the fence except maybe a little blurred around the edges which can give it a nice effect. :-) Evan did a little bit of tennis lessons a couple of years ago and really liked it. He has asked to do them again, and we just haven't found the time. I didn't get to see him much, but Eddie said he was pretty good at it. Now, I would be a different story and probably more funny to watch than Sam. Haha! Oh and you answered my question about the pretty much we celebrate the same. Yay! Wow, that dinner fiasco sounds like something out of a comedy! Haha!


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