Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sometimes Time Flies

About two years ago, when Rachel was just four months old, she and I flew to Ontario for a quick visit. Some of the people we saw were Jeremiah, Will and their moms, Jen and Kristen. I wrote this post and we took some pictures like this:
This past Thursday Jen and Will drove up to KW and we had another get together. We have decided to enroll Rachel in a second morning at preschool for these next few months, and so while Rachel was at preschool, I did groceries, got myself a Starbucks (I needed one fun treat to celebrate a kid-free morning!), and came home to set the table. I bought some sunflowers and mini gourds at the grocery store and had fun making a bright and cheerful Fall table with my Fiestaware :)

We had soup, bread, cheese, sliced meat and vegetables for lunch and it felt very European! After lunch we tried to get some pictures of all the kids, except for Baby Nathan who was napping. Yes, Jeremiah is a big brother and Nathan is four months old. What we discovered is that it is extremely difficult to get three two-year-olds to cooperate with pictures. Here is what we ended up with. And please excuse the fact that Rachel isn't wearing pants. Some things are just not worth fighting over. However, please note, in ten years we will be fighting over pants (if she doesn't want to wear them), and she will not be having pantsless pictures taken with these two friends! I also hope she will have given up her soother by then :)

I also got a few candid shots of the kids playing.
It was a very fun afternoon with friends and I am excited for more visits in the future!


  1. How much fun! I bet Rachel loved playing with her friends. =)

  2. Awww, sweet visit with friends! I want to be a visitor in the future! :-)


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