Wednesday, October 09, 2013

House Tour 2013: My Contentment Challenge

So I have to admit something to all of you...

I'm not perfect.

I know! It was a complete and total shock to me too :)

I love our house but there are a few things about it which remind me that I still struggle to be content. (We just talked about contentment yesterday at Bible Study so this is sitting freshly with me right now. I realize that I am so fortunate to not only have a roof over my head, but to own about 5% of it :) Therefore I have a lot more than most of the world but...)
This is our bathroom. I love it, mostly. I don't know whether to describe the style as funky (because of the floor) or Parisian (because as you may remember, the taps are labeled in French!). I like that maybe I can just call it Funky Parisian. It's also very European in that it maximizes space and there is not a lot of room when you step out of the shower. (Contentment struggle number one: We have a shower which provides hot water with the twist of a tap. Having lived for over a year where this was not a given, I try not to take this for granted.)
I love how the shower curtain I found just pulls everything together and how much I love it. It still makes me happy when I see it. (Contentment struggle number two: Do I really find happiness in my shower curtain?!?!?)
The door to the outside leads to the roof of the playroom. We may eventually turn it into an upstairs porch. A porch off the bathroom, how cool would that be?!? When Dave and I first saw pictures of the house, we thought the back door led into the bathroom. We were very confused :) (And remember, our house was built in 1942 so this room was likely not originally a bathroom so having a porch off a bedroom was a smart move.)

So that is our bathroom. Like I said, in general, I really love it. So where's the issue? This is Our. Only. Toilet. In the entire house. I really want to live in a house which has more than one toilet. (And the two potties for the kids don't count. Do you want to use one of those when you come to visit?!) And it seems to be my fate that this is just not going to happen for awhile. (And obviously the one-toilet was not a deal breaker because so much of the rest of this house was just perfect for us.)

Our Bible Study writer, Cynthia Heald, said in the video yesterday that she heard God telling her that she wasn't going to be able to leave her not-so-perfect house until she had learned to be content with it. Maybe God is sending me the same message... I think I need to learn to embrace my one-toilet house.

Some days I remind myself of my two year old. She doesn't always get what she wants, when she wants it, either. I'm embarrassed and humbled at the same time.


  1. That bathroom IS super cute...but I don't blame you for being stressed by the only-one-potty situation. That's got to be tough. And the outside door in the bathroom is crazy!! But your shower curtain is so awesome it counts for like a million points.

  2. Here's a bright side to only one bathroom and toilet: less to clean! Little boy bathrooms can get pretty messy. In our first house, we had two bathrooms and no kids so second bathroom rarely got used. Then we move to an apartment in Charlotte with only one bathroom. Fine transition because Evan was a baby and didn't need a potty and it was easy to clean although not very pleasant to look at. Ha! Then we moved to our current house which has 2 and a half baths and 3 toilets to clean and we have a little man who has very bad aim. Do you know how bad pee smells when it dries on a toilet seat and around the toilet? It can smell like a public urinal very quickly. Haha! I think your little bathroom is so cute and charming with the pedestal sink, French taps, and tile floor. Your whole house seems very European to me with its good use of space and its little charming touches like the ivy covered exterior, wrought iron railings, arches, etc. I think you made a wise choice in your purchase! :-)

  3. I think your bathroom is super cute! I understand contentment isses. We're going to be looking for a new house in the next couple of years. In the mean time, I know that I've got to be content here. Some days, it's not so easy.

  4. Completely understand! It IS lovely though!


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