Monday, October 07, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

On Friday night we celebrated our first Shabbat with Dave's parents and niece in our new house. I was excited to get some more use out of my Fall centrepiece and my Fiestaware again! I also enjoyed taking some artsy pictures of the sunflowers :)
We had a yummy, warm supper of seven layer dinner and then I decided to get fancy with dessert and made a gingerbread cake. I even made homemade whipped cream and sprinkled each piece with cinnamon to make it all classy! Ha ha ha! Sometimes I have fun going a little overboard :) I also made sure to make extra whipped cream so I was able to enjoy homemade mochacinnos with whipped cream all weekend. Yum!
 Dave's mom brought us some beautiful roses so I had to have some fun photographing them as well.
On Saturday morning Dave was playing guitar for the service at the synagogue and the kids had Tot Shabbat, which is similar to Sunday School. On Saturday they learned all about celebrating Shabbat and made actual challah and then some challah covers. So when we got home the kids were excited to cover their own challahs with their own challah covers.

In the afternoon Rachel had a nap, I caught up on blogging and Dave and Sam ran some errands. It was a restful Shabbat. Now I'm going to go and see if there's any of that gingerbread cake and whipped cream left. It was good!

Note to my readers: In case you aren't familiar with the Jewish faith, "Shabbat Shalom" is how you greet people on Shabbat, which goes from Friday evening to Saturday evening. "Shabbat Shalom" means "a peaceful Sabbath" which we definitely had this past week!


  1. Those sunflowers and roses are making me sad we didn't choose to pick any flowers at the farm we went to yesterday! Since it's an hour drive away, I'll just live vicariously through the pictures of yours :)

  2. LOVE those sunflowers! They look so great with your Fiestaware!! What a beautiful Sabbath celebration!

  3. The centerpiece looks great. I also have Fiestaware. I registered for it when we got married and got tons of different colors. If you ever make a trip down south let me know. I'm thinking we should definitely get together!

  4. The flowers are beautiful! The cake looks super yummy too! I like the added sprinkles. =) This really makes me want Fiesta Ware too.

  5. I've always wanted to go to a Sabbath dinner. Does "Tot" in "Tot Shabbat" mean something, or is that just their name for the kids' "Sunday School?"

  6. Shalom to you, my friend! That table setting is beautiful. I love sunflowers and blue and yellow are my two favorite colors! And gingerbread cake with homemade whipped cream...double yum! And I love the roses of course. My favorite part of this post is that you had a restful and peaceful Sabbath. I need one of those bad. Sigh. It seems like we are always busy trying to get everything done for the week ahead. :-(


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