Sunday, January 01, 2012

Last Year:The Highlights

Today is our last day in Saskatoon before we head home to Edmonton tomorrow and so we are packing, cleaning up, and enjoying our last day with Oma and Opa. So to keep you entertained here are some of my favourite posts of last year. Either they reminded me of a really fun, or important time, or I thought they were interesting in some other way. Enjoy!

Lots and lots of (and still more) snow
Anticipating Knut
Our house started falling apart :(

Spending a week with Oma and Opa while Dave was in California

Going for a walk on a cold, cold day
Getting a new maternity shirt

A fun shopping day
I like this post for some reason
Having fun while waiting for Spring

I have my dream job!
An excellent outside day after a loooong winter
Dave and I had a "romantic" weekend away
Sam starts taking pictures

My exciting birthday celebrations!
Dave has eye surgery :(
Getting ready for Knut
Painting Knut's mural

Being pregnant with my New Mom's friends
June 17, 2011 -- Introducing Rachel Katie Krahn Chodos!!!
Rachel and Sam bonding

Hanging out on the deck in Saskatoon
Visiting the Saskatchewan Railway Museum near Mom and Dad's
Watching the Saskatchewan Roughrider's practice
Planting trees for Sam, Rachel and Oliver

Pam and Nadav's wedding
Construction on 99th Street keeping us entertained

A good Saturday in Edmonton
Fun on a hot day
Enjoying Hoodlucks
The first of Rachel's "month letters"
I really like this post :)
A really fun date night!

Thankfulness and Fall
I wrote my most popular blog post ever
Rachel and I go to Ontario!
Hallowe'en fun with New Mom's!

Letter to Sam
Blogging everything I did for a week -- link to the first post only
Picture of the Day for a week -- again, link to the first post only
Sam and Dave went to the Aviation Museum

Doing a milk experiment
Trying to get a good holiday card photo
The Bethlehem Walk
New Mom's: The second wave
Farewell Grandma Ewert

I hope you enjoyed this 2011 retrospective. Tomorrow I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging :)

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