Sunday, January 15, 2012

30 Things About Dave 11-20

Here is the continuation of 30 Things About Dave. This one is all about Dave as a dad.

11. Dave is an awesome Daddy. Sam much prefers hanging out with him over me. Because Dave plays with him on his level. I'm too busy trying to get things done but Sam and Dave play.

12. Dave likes play-dough. I don't. And he creates amazing things out of it like ten-pin bowling. 'Nuff said!

13. Dave delivered both of our children. Neither delivery was planned that way. I secretly thought it would be cool if Dave got to deliver Rachel too (back when she was Knut) but we weren't planning on it. Rachel made that decision for us.

14. When Sam was born, I couldn't stand unsupported for a few days so Dave did all the diaper changing. He said, "You deal with the input, I'll deal with the output." And for the rest of time it has been that way. I change way fewer diapers than most anyone else with kids I know! I think I got the better end of the deal.

15. Dave knows 9 million lullabies. I know about 10. If you want to be sung to sleep, Dave is your guy.

16. Dave is an active father. He takes the kids on walks, he feeds them as soon as he is able, he plays with them, he sings to them. He even plays piano for them when they're infants.

17. Dave is also good with other people's kids. When Sam's friend, Olivia's daddy, was in BC last winter, Olivia really connected with "Uncle Dave." She loved him and preferred him over me.

18. Dave is really really really patient. This is a good quality for a dad to have.

19. When we first started dating we were living in a house where there wasn't a great shower. Dave took baths all the time and still loves to take baths. I am NOT a bath person. This is a point of confusion between us :) In fact, I have never ever taken a bath with one of our children. When they graduate from the infant tub, but before they are old enough to be on their own in the big tub, they go in with Dave. Not me. And Dave handles most of the bath times with Sam now too. I'm really not a bath person!

20. When Sam was one I had to go back to work. I only went back 60% time. Dave flexed his schedule so that he could be home with Sam when I was at work. Sam loved it. Dave loved it. I think it worked out well for everyone. Now that's a dedicated Dad.

Tune in tomorrow for the last installment of 30 Things.

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