Friday, January 20, 2012

What's Been Going On This Week

Well there has been a lot going on this week but we've been busy with post's about Dave's birthday and other things. So here are some random pictures from the last week or so.

As I mentioned before Miss Rachel is outgrowing things. I wanted to get some pictures of her in a few outfits which I've loved and she likely won't be wearing again.

How can you not like jeans with embroidered pink flowers on them and a shirt about fairies, gardens and teapcups? So sweet!

And this outfit was given to us by our friends David and Stephanie. It has been a warm, lovely winter dress but it is too short on Miss Rachel so it's time to pass it on. The pre-printed shoes on the tights absolutely make the outfit :)

Save-On had daffodils on for $2.49 and who could resist that? I couldn't. And they have opened up beautifully. So pretty in my Vienna vase on our kitchen table in this cold, cold week.

On Sunday on our way to Temple Tykes, we saw sun dogs. Dave was seeing them for the first time. They were striking so we stopped and got a picture.

And it was so cold on Sunday we came home and had a round of hot chocolate for everyone! It was very needed.

On Monday we had a general stay-at-home day and Sam re-discovered his elephant from Auntie Sheri, Naden and Tevan. So it was his constant companion that day. He even had it in his crib for nap time. And yes, there was barely room for him :) Here he is showing Mr Elephant how to use his computer. (And note that Sam is wearing a pull-up. We were trying some toilet training. It did not go so well.)
Also on Monday we had time to do some e-mails and Sam LOVED this one about upside down colouring. Here he is showing off his upside down artwork. He thought it was pretty cool.

Did I mention Sam even wants his elephant in his crib? There's not much room for both of them in there.

And just to keep things interesting, and get rid of the short baby hairs which were driving me NUTS, I decided to go short again. It's fun because being pregnant twice has given my hair some curls. Hopefully they will stay. And we'll see how long I like this cut for!

This morning our friends Hannah, Stella and Mia came over for a play date. I was showing Hannah Rachel's tutu and decided Rachel could wear it for awhile. She loved sitting in her Bumbo and playing with it. Rachel was super-cute!

And then because Mia just turned one I decided to pull out some of our older baby toys for her. I realized that Rachel is ready to play with some of these toys now so we had to make room on the living room shelf for them. So now Rachel has a shelf of toys in the living room. And she seems to be enjoying rolling around on the floor and pulling random toys off the shelf!

Well, that's some random slices of life from our end. What's been happening with you?

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