Friday, March 25, 2011

Date night

Dave and I didn't know what to do tonight for date night and then Tash, our babysitter and date night organizer, suggested going to see a movie. We saw The King's Speech and it was SO GOOD!!! I loved it. And Dave liked it too. And from the amount Knut was kicking I think he/she also enjoyed it :) When you only get to see a movie every three months you want to make sure it's good.

We even splurged and got popcorn, Cokes, and Rolos. Yummmmm :) And I forgot to get a picture of Happy Natasha with popcorn and Coke so you'll have to deal with this picture of Dave and a skull. I guess Pirates of the Caribbean Part 732 is coming soon... I don't think that movie will make the list of Date Night Movies. I'm just not that into them.

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