Sunday, March 20, 2011

New camera and free rides

So we bought a new camera. Yay! It's pink. That is a side benefit I can live with :) We saved $60 on it by buying it at Shopper's and using the Optimum points we've (I've) been saving up :) That was an awesome side benefit. The pictures below were test pictures we took to see if we liked the camera. We did :)

Sam had wanted to go to Cafe O' Play but sadly, it is closed on Sundays for private parties. So we decided to go to West Ed Mall to take advantage of the fact that Sam only gets free rides until he turns two. He had so much fun riding on the train with Daddy, on the balloons with Mommy and Daddy and on the merry-go-round -- twice! He was quite excited about the stamp on his hand (allowing him the free rides) and Twink, the star in the tunnel which he saw from the train.

We also bought Sam new shoes since he had been complaining every time we put his shoes on. He now has size 7 1/2 shoes which have two added features: 1) They are a little big so they hopefully will last him through the summer and 2) They were last year's style so they were only $11! Score!

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