Monday, March 28, 2011

Sam and Olivia

So we had Olivia, Sam's girlfriend and future wife (we joke!), over today. She and Sam played lots and lots and lots. They really like playing with Sam's house; sometimes it keeps them entertained for an hour.

And then Dave had to bring them both to my work because it was my "almost-last day of work" and my work was having a Coke (instead of a tea) for me! Dave did awesome bringing both of them to my work and I think Sam and Olivia had fun.

This is a picture of Sam and Olivia sitting in my office chair. Sam really liked the mini-broom and wanted to sweep EVERYWHERE!

Sam and Olivia eating cookies at my "Coke." They liked the raisin cookies and I think they ate about 6 each :) They also liked sitting in the same chair.

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