Monday, March 07, 2011

No longer "too bright"

Sam NEVER complains in his car seat. We've been fortunate that way. However, once in awhile we hear a little plaintive voice saying, "Too bright." The sun shines directly in his eyes and he has no way to combat it. Until now... Mommy bought him some sunglasses today and they are still a novelty so he was super-excited about wearing them.

And just for the record... We went to Costco tonight. We were only going to get grapefruit, kleenex and pizza. Oh and feta. And then Coke was on a good sale. And we can never resist those Costco sleepers -- especially when they're on sale. And then I was achy and complaining so Dave bought me flowers to cheer me up. Yeah, we shouldn't go to Costco very often! It always cracks me up that we empty out our cart, except for the heavy things. And Sam! But we always make sure we get him back at the end :)

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