Friday, March 18, 2011

Boring blogging

So the next few days are going to be a little boring because our camera died. So I can't take any pictures. Sadness. I don't know when we will get a new one but hopefully it's soon. Thankfully, because of the blog, I've been really consistent in downloading pictures so I don't think we'll lose any. I'm trying to look on the bright side. Can you tell???

Sam is currently upset because he wants one of the 2x4s which are currently holding up our house on the outside. He doesn't understand why I won't go and get him one. The life and unfair times of an almost-two-year-old :)

Wednesday I didn't feel well (as in I was soooo tired I fell asleep between getting out of the shower and trying to get dressed) so I called in "tired, I'll work on Saturday instead" and crawled back into bed. I have been completely WIPED OUT these past few days and I am so looking forward to the beginning of my maternity leave. I only have seven days of work left, not including tomorrow. Yay!!!

Olivia came over for a little on Wednesday and she and Sam wreaked the usual havoc. Then Sam had a good nap -- I think Olivia wiped him out too!

Wednesday night I had my first "Learn to read basic Hebrew" course. I'm not sure what I think but I might have learned something. We'll see how much of it sticks. I don't think I like the method the teacher is using so once I get the book, and go to another class, I might just get Dave to teach me out of the book. We'll see though -- I want to give it a fair chance.

Yesterday morning I took Sam to an observation for medical and dental students at the U of A. We were in a little examining room with a pediatrician who made comments on Sam's development. The students asked questions and Sam showed off, once in awhile. I was actually impressed with how well Sam did. When the students ask if Sam could do something, he usually could and was often willing to demonstrate. I think they thought Sam was cute and afterward I heard the pediatrician we were with tell the coordinators that Sam was "an excellent example and model." That made me feel good. Sam got to take a sheet of cat stickers as a thanks for participating and I won't tell you where all we are finding cat stickers right now. Sam seems to really like them.

I came home from work and had a massive headache so I climbed into bed and Sam and Dave hung out. In the evening it was nice enough that Sam and Dave walked to the library, grocery store and Shopper's to do some errands.

Today I worked in the morning and then Sam and I came home. He had a random lunch of chickpeas, cottage cheese and pancakes. Then I made banana muffins for tonight and put Sam down for nap. Then I put myself down for a nap too! I was so tired. I'm actually getting tired of always being tired. I'm really hoping it will be better when I'm on maternity leave and the only thing I have to do is be with Sam. Although I'm guessing that will be a different kind of tired! :)

I woke up and showered and made supper and then woke up Sam, who wasn't happy. He rarely is when we have to wake him up. Although he was already sitting up in his crib when I walked in. We shared two banana "muffin cakes" as Sam called them. He did NOT like sharing them.

Now Dave is home and we are going to have supper. Then I'm going to a MOPS craft night. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to try and write all the random recipes that are hanging out on random papers in the coffee cookbook in the actual coffee cookbook so that we don't have fourteen million papers falling out every time we try to use it. And I'm also going to try and sort through some of the pictures on this computer. My goal is to try and get a whole slew of pictures printed before Knut is born. We'll see how that goes...!

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