Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sam's Friday

Dave and I have been trying to figure out a way for him to spend more time on campus. I mean, in one month I will be on mat leave (Can you say I'm excited?!?!) and then Dave will be on campus pretty much full-time. But until then... So we've decided that I will work a couple of mornings a week. Which means that Dave is nice enough to drive me to work for 8:30 and that means we have to get Sam out the door by about 8:10 or so. So we usually just leave him in his pjs and throw his winter stuff on over top. Here he is all ready except for his winter jacket.

Then Dave and Sam go to Kindermusik and today they picked up Mommy to go to see Barb, our midwife. Sam played and helped squeeze the gel and push the button so we could hear Baby Knut's heartbeat. Sam likes that part. Then he came home and had a nap and then we went out to supper with Kim, Jacqui and Seth. Sam LOVES Seth! He managed to get Kim, Jacqui and Seth to take him on walks. Here he is leaving and coming back with Seth. Sam had so much fun. And then even more when Seth came back to our house in OUR car and played with Sam for about an hour here. THAT was awesome!!!

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