Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knut at 29 (or 28) weeks, 3 days

EDITED TO ADD: OOOPS :( Knut was only at 28 weeks, 3 days this day. I screwed up :(

I am not very good at taking weekly Knut-growth pictures but I try. Mostly I want to take them on a day when I shower, when Dave has time, and when I feel like I look half-decent. Because I know it's really ALL ABOUT ME! Ha ha ha ha ha! Okay, it's not, but still...

Anyways, I love the shirt I am wearing in today's picture because it is one my mom bought at Joe and gave to me to wear as a maternity shirt. But it's not an actual maternity shirt. Also, the fact that I am wearing a t-shirt makes it seem like it is so much warmer out than it is, but it really isn't. My office is so hot at work that once the temperature stays around -5C then I get too hot, and I get a headache, when I wear long sleeved shirts. Thus the t-shirts come out.

Anyways, I've just been feeling Knut move A LOT lately. I am excited because as of now I only have four days left of work before I go on maternity leave and I CANNOT WAIT!!! It feels like a slog to get through these last few days but I am sooooo thankful that I can take early maternity leave and spend some time with Sam and get some good resting (and possibly nesting?) in before Knut comes.

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