Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Knut at 27 (or 26) weeks, 2 days

EDITED TO ADD: OOOPS :( Knut was only at 26 weeks, 2 days this day. I screwed up :(

I seem to have a difficult time being organized enough to take a picture (when I look halfway decent, that is) on the actual day that we are using for the week switchover for Knut. So I just try to take it at a point that is somewhat close, and when I feel like I look okay :) Knut has been super-active again this week, but I really don't mind.

When I got pregnant with Sam I told my sister-in-law, Erin, "I'm coming shopping at your store!" Erin designed a whole line of maternity wear and I love so much of it. Sadly, her store didn't do very well and she closed and kept all the clothes she had made in her basement. With Sam a lot of the things I wore were Erin's. This pregnancy I kept a lot of her stuff and have been supplementing with other things. The shirt I am wearing in this picture is one of my favorite maternity shirts from her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the material which details the sleeves and the front. I also have this exact same shirt in black. They are super comfortable and I love having maternity wear which I know not everyone else has.

Dave took the first picture and when I looked at it I said, "I don't think it shows off Knut's growth very much." Thus the second picture which DEFINITELY shows off Knut's growth!

Also, here's a look at the flowers Dave bought me last night to cheer me up. Sadly, they won't give you any hints about Knut's gender! Ha ha ha!!! (Well this post IS supposed to be about Knut, right? So I had to get some mention of Knut in with the random showing of the flowers!)

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