Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shopping-filled Saturday

So today we had to get some things (pans, pants and other assorted "P" things!) so we headed to Kingsway Mall. Kingsway is a new mall for us but it is nice -- not as big as West Ed but with a bit more variety than Bonnie Doon. Dave had mentioned earlier in the week that he would like some new sweaters, ideally, and not one to let a chance slide, we headed out. (Dave NEVER wants to buy new clothes!)

We found a nice sweater and a nice pair of pants on sale at Sears. Then we went to airie, the American Eagle underwear store. When I was in there in January they had just stocked their spring line and man, is it appealing to someone who is living in the city where it appears that winter is NEVER going to end. It's all flowers and checked gingham and wonderful stripes and it reminds me of the material that might have been in the 1910s or 20s and it's beautiful. And did I mention spring-like? They were also having a sale and the sales woman showed me some styles that I might even be able to wear now so I got seven pairs. At least SOMETHING in my life will be spring-y this month :)

Dave wanted to stop in at HMV to look for a certain CD and it turned out that Sam had some HMV shopping of his own in mind. Yes, that's an Arch Enemy CD and we have NO IDEA where he picked it up from. All of a sudden he was just holding it :)

We stopped at the food court for lunch and Sam ate so much of my bean burrito and Mexi-Fries from Taco Time that we got him a strawberry Julius from Orange Julius. And that, of course, kept him busy for about twenty minutes. We were walking to The Bay to look for pans and we walked by a Carlton Cards which was having a "Buy 3 get 3 free" sale. Did you know that March is the month of insane birthday-ness for us -- Dave's mom, Dave's dad, my Grandma Ewert, our good friends Tessa and Janice, my nephew Liam and, of course, Sam!!! And did you know that we know about eight people who have had, or are having, babies that we also wanted to get cards for??? So we stocked up and got twelve cards -- which is a major feat for people who hate buying cards. Sam was entertained by the stuffed "urial" (it might even have been one) and the stuffed elephants. And oh yeah, his smoothie.

Then we stopped at Zeller's for socks for Dave and got 8 pairs for just over $9 which was a major score. And then we were off to The Bay where we bought a new can opener and a non-stick frying pan on a major awesome sale and then we were Done. We could barely walk back through the mall with the over-crowded stroller holding all of our purchases. Sam was in an awesome mood throughout -- despite numerous attempts to escape from the stroller. We got him home and he crashed and I crashed and Dave finished up the dishes which I had started this morning.

After his nap Sam grabbed the camera (which we had put up high, by the way! His reach is growing daily.) and managed to turn it on. So I took the following picture of him which he gladly posed for :) Ha ha!

Now Dave is giving Sam a bath, Sam has successfully peed on the potty (which he hasn't done for awhile so it was a MAJOR celebration!), I am finished blogging for the day and I am off to get some cards ready for mailing and we will watch some hockey -- because it IS Saturday night after all and our son seems to really like his weekly Hockey Night in Canada fix!

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