Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sam's first kiss

So yesterday was a momentous occasion. Sam received his first kiss. From a girl. And one he isn't related to. (Otherwise this would not be very momentous.) And he took it very well. Although supposedly the girl's daddy is wanting to have a talk with Sam!

One of the moms in New Mom's group and I trade a lot of childcare days. They don't live too far from us and we both have flexible schedules which need random bits of childcare. Olivia and Sam are in swimming lessons together on Mondays, see each other at New Mom's on Tuesdays and then sometimes see each other during the rest of the week too. Like this week Olivia was here on Wednesday and Sam went there on Thursday afternoon.

So yesterday when Olivia was leaving she and Sam hugged each other and said "Love you!" and then Marcia asked Olivia if she wanted to give Sam a kiss. So she did. Puckered up and kissed him on the lips. Sam just stood there and didn't seem to know what to do. It was super sweet!!! I love that Sam has such good friends and at the same time I want to cry -- my baby is growing up too fast :)

Here are Sam and Olivia earlier in the day. They had just had a traumatic half hour of injuries and they both needed their soothers.

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