Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walking in a winter wonderland

So today I finally got to meet Mia, the baby of friends of ours, who was born on January 14. Did I mention these friends live only ONE block away from us. It's just been a little difficult to get together with them. Mia seemed teeny tiny and Hannah said she probably weighed 10 pounds already. Man, Knut is going to seem sooooo small. I hope I remember how to take care of a newborn. I feel like I barely remembered how to HOLD a newborn today and she wasn't even all that new :)

Sam enjoyed playing with Stella's toys and playing soccer with Jeremy. He didn't seem all that interested in Mia until she was in her car seat and then he was all about "Hi Baby!" Thankfully he didn't seem to care that I was holding Mia. These are all good signs for Knut, I'm hoping...

We walked to Jeremy and Hannah's and back, since it is only a block away and all. It was COLD out (-17 to -18C, -28C with windchill) but Sam did just fine.

Tonight we went to Costco, after eating chili I had made this afternoon (Sidenote: I LOVE being home in the afternoons and CAN'T WAIT until I am on mat leave in just 5 short weeks! Yay!). I was disappointed in Costco's fruit selection. I thought they would have more. However, I did get some cute sleepers for a baby shower I'm going to on Saturday and we did get bean salad and grapefruit! I loved the grapefruit Mom and Dad bought when we were there and wanted some for myself. Now we have it. And after a stop at Save-On, we've got a pretty decent fruit selection for the fruit tray I'm making tomorrow.

Now it's time to warm up and go to sleep. Good night.

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