Saturday, February 05, 2011

Kicking back in Saskatoon

So today Sam and I drove to Saskatoon with Oma and Opa, as they are called by Sam. Sam had an excellent time in the backseat with Oma all the way from Edmonton to Lloydminster. Then he had her undivided attention as he ran around Superstore. He got a smoothie from Booster Juice and then Mommy sang him to sleep just outside North Battleford and he slept all the way to Dalmeny Road. It felt like a very quick trip although that may have been because I didn't have to drive at all or entertain Sam for more than half the trip!

Sam remembered the reindeer, jingle bell and the (fake) birds from Christmas as well as walking in the snow with Daddy. Sadly, the jingle bell, birds and Daddy aren't here this time, although Sam did get to see Daddy on Skype tonight.

Mom made Cream-of-Carrot-Cheddar soup for supper (Oh. So. Good!) and Sam played and played and played. The chimes on the grandfather clock are on (except at night) and Sam does NOT like the "clock singing." In fact the first time he heard it it chimed 6:00 and Sam said, "Clock singing. Sam scared." Normally Dad turns the chimes off when we are here so it doesn't wake us up at night. Hopefully he will get used to it eventually.

We Skyped with Terry and Carol and got to see Baby Eowyn and we are excited about the birth of Baby Theo, Olivia's little brother, and Lisa and Neal's son!!! Welcome to the world Baby Theo!!! We can't wait to meet you!

Well I'm about to go enjoy some of Knut's Christmas present from Oma and Opa, buttercream brownie bars :) I went through about five or six boxes when I was pregnant with Sam. I think you can see them in this post. (I'm trying something new so we'll see if it works or not!)

Okay, I'm tired so I'm going to eat some brownies and then it's off to bed for me too. Sam is already asleep. He was one tired Sam -- almost too tired to "watch hockey" tonight. Tomorrow I'll see if I can find Dad's camera and take some pictures. Good night to whoever is reading this! Ha ha ha!!!

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