Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold cold cold Saturday

Today was super cold out. We walked to market, the library and the bakery and it was -21 out (-30 with windchill). We bundled up warmly but it was still C-O-L-D! At market we bought some baby gifts and eggs. It was very exciting!

Then we went and ran some errands at Bonnie Doon mall, including getting cleaning supplies so that Teresa can continue to keep our house clean. Yay for Teresa! We also bought some groceries although we didn't like the produce at Safeway so we didn't buy any of that, except avocados.

Sam refused to eat the goulash for the second time in a row but ate some avocado, lettuce and grilled cheese with ketchup instead. Then he napped and so did I! I made cream-of-carrot-cheddar soup for supper and the did dishes. Dave dried and Sam "helped" somewhat :) Sam actually ate some of the soup so I was happy about that.

Tonight Dave read some books to Sam and we all watched a bit of hockey. It was great! Below is Dave reading to Sam during the break after the second period.

Watching hockey again! Yay!

Sam got bored of hockey so went to sit in his special chair from Krista and Craig while Dave read him some more stories.

I think Sam is headed off to bed soon and so am I. I'm still really tired for some reason, but it has been a relaxing beginning to our Family Day weekend. Tune in to see what tomorrow holds...

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