Friday, February 04, 2011

Midwife appointment and supper with cousins

So today we had a midwife appointment and my mom and dad came. And not only did they get to hear Knut's heartbeat (which Dad says was, "Amazing. It was like a clippity-clop horse." and Mom says was, "very loud and stong and sounded like a horse.") and they got to "hold" Knut which made Mom cry and Dad get very quiet. Dave also got to "hold" Knut and he liked "getting first hand experience with the pregnancy." I must admit my muscles are a lot more sore this pregnancy and it kind of hurt when they "held" Knut but I also really like that they got to. Sam helped with the heartbeat again and then Barb let him listen to his own heartbeat which I think he thought was kind of cool.

After the midwife appointment we went to Krista and Craig's for supper. We had pizza and Krista had gotten these awesome mini cheesecakes (although I swear some were mousse!) which tasted A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! We didn't know which kind was which so we all had little tastes of most of them. I think I ate 3/4 of the chocolate one and it was Oh. So. Good. Yum! The picture of them below really doesn't do them justice.

Afterward we had a good time visiting and hearing about Jamaica. I really wish we could manage to get together with them more. Sam had a good time with Parker's mylar balloon of Toy Story and playing on his own with the trains and sitting in the chair below. Which Krista and Craig then sent home with us. My cousin, Ray's, girls got it and then passed it on to Parker and Jake. Now Sam gets it. I think he really likes it! Although you can't really tell in this picture. He's got a weird expression on his face.

Tomorrow Sam and I head off to Saskatoon with Mom and Dad and Dave stays behind and goes curling! You might be getting double blog posts for the next week or so while Dave is in Los Angeles and Sam, Knut and I have our own adventures.

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