Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home again, home again...

We had a quiet Valentine's Day yesterday. We went and picked up sausage, stopped in and said "Hello!" to Chris Buhler (a visit which proved you can take the nurseryman away from the nursery but never really AWAY, if that makes sense!), and then Sam didn't nap. At all. Because he had slept for twenty minutes in the car. sigh.

Mom made an awesome supper of farmer's sausage, vereneky and cream gravy. So yummy!!! And even Sam ate two helpings! Then Oma gave Sam a bath, I packed and Dad cleaned up the kitchen. Sam went to bed early because he was exhausted (remember the no nap thing).

Today we flew back home to Edmonton. It's good to be home again but it was also soooo good to be in Saskatoon with Mom and Dad. The flight was good but the airplane was tiny so I felt a little claustrophobic. Sam slept for about half and hour during the flight which was probably a good thing as he had to sit on my lap the whole time. Dave met us at the airport and Sam was excited to see Daddy. We had to get off the plane outside the airport and then walk across the tarmac and down a loooooong hallway. Sam saw Dave and started running, yelling, "Hi Daddy! Airport! Hi Daddy! Airport!" over and over and over, even though Dave couldn't hear him. It was very cute.

Dave dropped me off at work and then he came home with Sam. Sam, again, didn't sleep, so was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. I was too! I arrived home to some belated Valentine's presents. Yay!

Ghirardelli milk and rice crisp chocolate (made in San Francisco) and flowers!

I had a nap this afternoon because I was wiped out, and had a headache, and Dave spent more time with Sam and made supper. Which Sam and I both threw up :( Which is NOT a reflection on Dave's cooking but on how I was feeling (headache-y) and who knows what was up with Sam?!?!

Tonight Sam was pulling around his racetrack and his xylophone from the living room into the kitchen and saying, "Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!" He looked for all the world like a traveler in an airport with two wheeled suitcases behind him.

And now Sam is asleep and I am off to bed too. Good night! It's good to be home.

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