Friday, February 11, 2011

Opa doing? Oma doing?

Sam, lately, has been talking A LOT!!! And asking questions. Mostly "Opa doing?" or "Oma doing?" about every three seconds! Seriously. Mom said he's just like I was when I was his age, except my question was "What's that?" And when I get tired of Sam asking "(Which ever person) doing?", I ask him, "What ARE they doing?" and usually he can answer. Anyways, here are some pictures of what Oma and Opa were doing this morning for Sam.

Oma had just made Sam a "so yummy smoothie" and was getting ready to feed it to him. His second one of the morning, if you must know!

Opa was "mixing pancakes!" Yay! Sam had requested them specially yesterday.

And the pancakes are cooking. So that's what people were doing this morning. Isn't it exciting?!?! What are YOU doing right now? (Besides reading our blog that is!)

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