Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Borrowing from another blogger

There is a blogger I read who does "stream of consciousness" posts. I am borrowing this idea from her.

I was exhausted last night so didn't update. Yesterday was a crazy day, and not a bit of it went like Dave or I expected. Monday night my Mom's group was canceled because Sheri's husband was sick. And she was supposed to watch Olivia. So I said we could do it. So Marcia brought Olivia over while Dave was out shopping at Save-On Tuesday.

After Olivia was here about 45 minutes, Marcia called and said she wasn't needed at work after all. So she came back here with Second Cup for us (yum yum! Thanks Marcia) and Sam and Olivia played and Marcia and I talked and ate a cinnamon bun, which was yummy despite the fact we over-warmed it.

Then Dave and Sam drove me to work and I worked. And the project I thought would not take me very long did. So I called Dave at 4:50 and asked if I could work til 8, thus getting more done on the project and making up some hours.

Sam slept from 1:30-5 so Dave was fine with me working late. And he made the beef stew that I'm providing for a MOPS friend with a new baby, and I worked and worked and worked and made SOME progress.

Well Sam was ready to leave the house early (Dave said he wanted his hat and "bunny glubs" on at 7:30) so he and Dave dropped the playpen off at Marcia's and then came to pick me up. And then Sam didn't want to go to bed until 9 and Dave had done all the dishes and I was wiped out! Probably because I stayed at work so long and my body isn't used to it.

Sam finally went to bed shortly after nine and I followed soon after.

Now it's Wednesday morning and I'm making veggie beef stew for me, and Sam is playing in the recycling. It's very entertaining for him. Who needs to buy expensive toys when you have recycling to play with. He's almost as involved as he was with his letters on Monday :)

I have laundry to do and I feel like I should do all the dishes that have managed to accumulate over the past twelve hours and I need to chop vegetables for the veggie beef stew and I need to find something to send the beef stew to my MOPS friend. Thankfully another MOPS friend is picking up the food to deliver. Yay for mom friends!!! Off to do something on my never-ending list.

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