Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick day :(

Today we all had a sick day. It started last night around 12:30 when Sam woke up coughing and crying and very upset. And his cough was a barky cough. Which means croup. We called HealthLink and after they listened to him breathe, they gave us some suggestions to help get his breathing under control. The first suggestion was to take him for a walk so he could breathe the cold air, which is supposed to help croup. I thought steamy bathrooms were the cure but it turns out I was wrong. Well, Sam was adamantly opposed to his snowsuit, although he was happy to have his hat and mitts and bunnyhug on, so we sat in our front entry with the door wide open, which was another suggestion from HealthLink. Yes, it was -25C (-29C with wind chill) and our front door was WIDE OPEN!!!

If you ignore the fact that it was FREEZING, we actually had a good time watching for the intermittent vehicles to come down 99th St. I've never seen it so quiet. Then it was time for a popsicle. Sam LOVED the popsicles and ate 2 halves. He also refused to take his "bunny glubs" and hat off which is why he's still wearing them in this picture. I was just plain COLD which is why I'm still wrapped in a blanket!

Well, around 2am we finally got Sam back to sleep and by the time Dave and I settled down it was past 2:30. So today we took a sick day and worked from home. Sam was in a surprisingly good mood, considering how awful he must be feeling. We allowed him to have his soother most of today and a longer nap (close to three hours) and to just hang out in his pjs. He really enjoyed dancing with Dave this morning. This video isn't the best example, but you've already seen what happens when Sam notices us videoing him! He was very funny, turning in circles until he got dizzy and then falling over and then starting the whole cycle over again. You can see some of it in this video. (And Dave says to excuse his singing!)

Shortly before supper Sam got into some sort of ... game... project... who-knows-what with his letters and the egg cups and the bowls and colander and frying pan. Here is a picture of it.

He played for 45 minutes before supper (including 20 minutes of trying to persuade him to eat), and now, after supper, he has been back at it for about half an hour. We're so glad to have a son with imagination and independent playing skills. As you can see from the video below he has been so into his game he didn't even seem to notice that I was taking a video!

So that's what happens around here on a sick day. Dave also got some work done, we did dishes, I had a nap and got some work done, and we generally tried to recuperate. Sam seems to be feeling better (I think he has a regular cold as opposed to croup now) and hopefully we can get back to our regularly scheduled activities tomorrow.

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