Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So today we planned to be out of the house all day and it was completely unnecessary since the contractors didn't come. sigh.

Dave took Sam to the community playgroup and got to meet Stella's baby sister, Mia. I can't wait to meet her either but it will have to be this weekend, maybe.

I drove Dave to the training session he was hosting at NAIT and then Sam and I hung out at Kingsway Mall. It was a pretty neat place to kill a couple of hours. Sam, sadly, peed through and absolutely soaked his pants and his stroller. He also downed an Orange Julius smoothie and completely loved it when a plane flew overhead to land at the City Centre Airport just across the road.

After we got home from Kingsway Mall, and I almost got stuck trying to park at home, I threw in a load of laundry and then took Sam to Tash's place. He watched Baby Einstein's Shapes DVD and broke one of Tash's decorations. sigh. Again.

Tonight he's been entertained (and confined) by a super long bath and then he's off to bed. And on that note, so am I. Good night.

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