Sunday, January 02, 2011

Too tired to write much

Sadly, even though it's only day 2, I'm almost too tired to blog. I think being pregnant does that to a person! However I didn't want to fail at this resolution so here's a little update on our day. I'm writing this in our room at my mom and dad's while Dave is doing some packing. We only have one computer right now so we have to take turns. Dave is being patient about getting some work done while I do this.

It's been a great 10 days in Saskatoon and we're all sad to leave. Well Sam doesn't get what's going on yet, but he'd be sad if he knew. Oma and Opa spoil him. He will miss "help dishes" and "up Oma" and "doing laundry" when we get back to Edmonton.

This morning I was eating an orange (with Knut I can never seem to get enough!) and Sam wanted one too so Oma helped him eat it. At one point he said, "please, thank you, (you're) welcome" all at once and then "oh Sam" in that disparaging way which is what we say when he's being too cute! He knew he was being a smarty pants!

This afternoon he slept for 3 1/2 hours and that was awesome! Of course, now it's 9 o'clock and he was seeming tired but he's yelling "Daddy Daddy Daddy" from his playpen so he's not asleep. Tonight he ate fries, fries and more fries for supper. Knut wanted some of the baked chicken so even though I'm vegetarian I obliged him/her. Then Sam ate another orange and a half. That child has had the strangest diet today.

Tonight my dad brought out his marionettes. I thought Sam would LOVE them. Sadly he was totally freaked out by the first pirate and kept backing further and further away from him. Then the big yellow bird came out and he was a little more amenable. By the time the two pirates came out and were singing opera Sam was dancing along! It was terribly cute :) As was his dancing to Baby Beluga tonight, complete with doing the twist and everything. Of course he stopped as soon as my dad tried to get video of it. Isn't that always how it goes?!

So even though we now have pictures from the past few weeks uploaded onto this computer I don't have the time to post any tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night will be a real post with real pictures but for now I'm exhausted so I'm going to sleep.

In Knut news: I'm 17 weeks today so we'll have to get a belly picture tomorrow. And I'd been taking only one Diclectin for the past few days but I've been feeling awful so I'm back to two tonight. I just want to get off the drugs as soon as possible but Knut is saying NO at this point. At least I'm not taking four a day anymore.

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