Monday, January 24, 2011

House renos and Cafe O Play

So the renovations have begun on our house. I was only home for a few minutes this afternoon but it allowed me to take the picture below. The one without the temporary wall was taken this morning.

Since we weren't sure what to expect, we decided to take off to Cafe O Play tonight. Cafe O Play is a new discovery for us. You pay admission per child, you can buy food and drink (like a regular cafe) and there is a HUGE play area in the middle. When I was here on Friday with some of my New Mom's friends, it was CRAZY busy but tonight it has been nice and quiet. Yes, they also have free wireless, making Dave quite happy, and I am posting this from there :)

Here is a picture of Sam enjoying the train table and eating some yogurt. The only problem is he doesn't eat much while we are here because he enjoys playing too much :) As you can see, he's ready to take off and play again!

It's nice to have a Sam-friendly place to be while the renos are happening at our house. We may become regulars here for awhile. And I think all the playing, and all the other kids, tires Sam out. Ha!

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