Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday fun

This morning I thought I would take pictures of Sam eating breakfast and my current breakfast cravings! Sam has been eating bananas and yogurt for breakfast for ages. Although lately he's been a little less excited about it. He has also really gotten into "toast bites." Toast bites are just toast cut into squares and Sam couldn't be more excited about them.

Since getting pregnant with Knut my breakfast cravings change about every month or so. Currently I am LOVING toast with honey, a little container of yogurt and hot chocolate. Yum yum yum. Other breakfast cravings this pregnancy have been Cheerios and milk and decaf black tea with milk and sugar, and a bowl of raisin bran and a moccachino at Mom and Dad's at Christmas.

And this morning I spent some time unpacking Sam's toys after our week of renovations. I can tell he LOVED being at home this morning because he was creating "chaos" as Dave calls it, left, right and centre. Here is just a small sample of the chaos he created in the living room and among the tupperware. I didn't take pictures of his "recycling chaos" or his "truck chaos."

And tonight I wasn't feeling super great so I ate supper in bed. Sam gets the most interesting ideas in his head and he was having a conversation about kicking tonight with Dave. Here is just a small sample of the conversation:

"Kick Daddy?" "No, you don't kick Daddy." "Kick cow?" "A cow wouldn't feel it if you kicked it." "Kick Auntie Marcia?" "You couldn't kick Auntie Marcia two minutes ago, why do you think you can kick her now?" "Kick car?" "If you can catch a car, you can kick it." "Kick people?" "No, you can't kick people." "Kick diaper guy?" (I don't know why the "diaper guy" is such a key figure in Sam's life; I don't know that he's ever seen the guy who delivers our diapers. Another key figure is the "food guy" who delivered Chinese food to us ONCE, about two months ago. These "guys" have made a huge impact on Sam. He wasn't allowed to kick the "diaper guy" either.)

This conversation went on for about five minutes with Sam asking if he could kick various things and Dave having super reasonable answers about why he couldn't kick these things and me, in bed, laughing hysterically!

And that's life at our house these days.

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