Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Excuses, excuses

So updating our blog everyday is a failed resolution but I do have a VERY GOOD excuse. Our computers both died at the same time -- Dave's work one (which has since been resuscitated) and our home one (which continues to wheeze and moan and is becoming an irritating paperweight). Anyways, I now have some time on what will be our new home computer so here's a bit of an update.

Sam had his first swimming lesson of the Winter Session yesterday and he has moved up to 12m-3y intermediate. Yay! We spent a lot of time kicking and I think it wiped Sam out. I know it wiped ME out! Sam has gotten very good at entering the water on his own, stepping off into the water from the wall. He had been really good at floating on his back but for some reason yesterday he was TOTALLY freaked out by it :( Hopefully next week will be better.

Last night we went to my cousin Krista's for supper. Parker and Jake were quite excited about Sam and Sam was quite excited about Tyler. Eventually I think Parker, Jake and Sam will enjoy playing together but right now Sam is just a little bit too young for them. Anyways, it was very fun to visit with Krista and Craig and I really enjoyed our time with them.

Today Sam and I went to New Mom's group and since it was at Sheri's, I took lots of food for Sam to eat. (He always eats really well there!). He ate two rice cakes, an orange, two apple cookies and most of his cheese and beans. He basically ate the entire two hours we were there. Ha ha ha!!!

Oh, and on the way to New Mom's, we were talking about who was going to be there and we went through all the kids' names and then I started saying, "Auntie Sheri", "Auntie Jenelle", etc for the moms and Sam pipes up "Auntie Abby!" Abby is Marcia and Olivia's dog and Sam is OBSESSED with her. Obviously. I corrected him, saying, "No, Abby is NOT your auntie." It was pretty funny.

Okay, enough for tonight. I need to go to bed. But I leave you with a picture I wanted to post last week. Sam wanted a banana and I left it in reach while I went to do something. When I came back, Sam had decided he just couldn't wait for me to prepare it so he had started in on it himself. Here is the result!

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