Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazin' around at home

So yesterday was a complete stay-at-home day. We didn't leave the house once and it was AWESOME! Especially after having been out most of the week because of the construction. And what does Sam wear at home when we're not going out in public? It was quite the combo today. He really likes his "bunny pants" (they go with a bunny onesie he has), and he also wanted to wear his Santa socks. I wanted to try the lizard shirt on, but it was too cold to wear without a onesie underneath. So voila! Sam's stay-at-home outfit. I know, I know, you want one too!

Sam also showed us that he can move the footstool wherever he wants to and he can "climb up" on it and reach the top shelf of our bookshelf. We are thrilled about this -- or not. But Sam is pretty pleased with himself.

Last night after his bath Sam wanted to "watch hockey." Since it is the all-star break there weren't actually any games on so we just watched some hockey highlights which seemed to satisfy Sam. All of a sudden, he was sucking his thumb. Then he was sucking both thumbs. He NEVER sucks his thumb so we had to get pictures. We think it is super cute! (And yes, I'm wearing my stay-at-home outfit too! Nice of you to notice.)

And last, but not least, I want to wish my Grandma Krahn a very happy birthday, yesterday. I phoned her and it was nice to catch up a bit. She turned 87. This is a four-generation picture we took when we were in Saskatoon for Christmas. I think my dad looks a lot like her, especially when he laughs, which he is obviously NOT doing in this picture :) Ha ha!

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