Sunday, January 23, 2011

20 weeks!!!

This is me and Knut at 20 weeks. Today marks the midway point through our pregnancy and I'm getting excited to meet Knut "extra-wombally" as his/her daddy refers to it.

One thing that I forgot to mention, is that in the midst of house craziness, my parents came to visit for a day, on their way to BC/Mexico. They hung out with Sam on Wednesday while I went to the dentist, got my hair cut, worked and while Dave just worked. That evening we went to The Cheesecake Cafe for supper. (I had forgotten my debit card there on Sunday so we needed to go back at some point soon anyways!). It was delicious. And then we went to West Ed Mall.

Well, I wanted to go to Motherhood Maternity "just to see" what they had, and what they had was a sale! An awesome sale! So my mom and I got excited and I spent almost two hours trying on clothes and came away with my entire Spring/Summer wardrobe! Which my parents generously bought for me. Thanks guys!

Since I was only pregnant with Sam until the end of March (except for a week in Jamaica) I had very few summer clothes -- a couple of t-shirts, one pair of capris, one pair of shorts, one skirt and one dress. Now I have a whole bunch of options. I also got another pair of maternity jeans and a wonderful pair of dressier pants. The sweater I am wearing below was another great purchase. It is sooooo comfy! And really shows off Knut, I think :)

So here's Knut at 20 weeks. Just another 20, or so, to go!

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