Friday, January 21, 2011

Our house is continuing to crack

Well if you can't cry about it, you gotta laugh. And document in pictures. Here are the changes since Tuesday. They're pretty dramatic. sigh. Or should I say, "Ha ha ha!!!"?

Teresa, our cleaner, cleaned on Thursday morning, and then Dave told me he also vacuumed again on Thursday around 5:30. So this is only about twelve-sixteen hours worth of mess. It's getting worse.

And the kitchen. The one picture is looking up into the crack near our ceiling. If I can step back and not think about the fact this is happening in my house, I must admit it's interesting to be getting a closer look at how the house was built. Like I said, you have to laugh, or you're gonna cry!

And this is the insulation that is falling into our kitchen window sill. We've definitely got a mess on our hands and the vacuums are getting a workout -- both our regular one and the super, hand held one Dave got for his birthday. The timing of that gift couldn't have been better!

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