Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Construction zone and keeping occupied

Here is our day in pictures, somewhat!

The outside of the house when we left this morning.

The wall in our kitchen has been boarded up. As we're sitting at our kitchen table we can clearly hear traffic noises so I don't think it's weather or soundproof!

The front entryway now has its own supporting wall. And given that I think the pink insulation is the only thing between us and the outside world, I don't know why we bothered locking our door tonight :)

The outside of our house this afternoon. I think we're stripped down to the drywall on the outside which would explain why it's so noisy inside.

Option #2 for keeping Sam entertained: West Edmonton Mall. Sitting in the tractor was fun for him so we didn't bother to pay for a ride.

Sam LOVES Chicken Nuggets, fries and watching hockey at "Donald's." We've been eating out this week to avoid cooking in our kitchen.

After "Donald's" it was off to Galaxyland. Sadly they were only open for another fifteen minutes. Sam was not as thrilled about the merry-go-round as we were hoping. And we missed riding on the train. Fortunately Sam is still free until he's two so we'll have to go back sometime.

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