Monday, January 03, 2011

Not much time...

So we drove home today and the drive went pretty well considering: Sam did not fall asleep until MIDNIGHT last night (Thanks Oma and Opa for watching him so Mommy could sleep and Daddy could work) and then he only slept for half an hour in the car. Between his very own smoothie from Booster Juice and his ability to entertain himself and his soother he actually did quite well.

I'm tired of not posting pictures so here is one from Saturday. Dave and Sam are watching hockey together. The Maple Leafs beat the Senators in Ottawa 5-1. Sam was very excited about hockey!
So we were sad to leave Saskatoon but it is good to be home again. I can't write much because our internet has been messed up and our administrator needs to fix it and is waiting for me to finish this. Anyways, hopefully tomorrow will have a more recent picture of Sam (as in one I actually take tomorrow) and will have more interesting writing. We'll see what actually happens tomorrow. Ha ha!

Also, today as Dave was driving we had to pass a HOUSE being pulled on a truck and it was so big Dave had to drive on the shoulder. Sam thought that was totally cool! And today we received an awesome package from Donny and Marika (yay for B&BW soaps!!!) and we discovered that we only forgot Sam's winter jacket in Saskatoon. Ooops. Thankfully Oma and Opa are mailing it back to us.

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